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We offer deluxe cycling trips in Japan mainly for non-Japanese guests visiting or living in Japan. Traveling by bicycle is an ideal way to explore Japan and enjoy its beautiful nature, delicious foods, natural hot spring baths and cultural heritages. If you are looking for a genuine and unforgettable vacation experience, you will most likely find it with us.

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We are constantly on the road throughout Japan in search of best routes. Each of our routes is a culmination of rigorous selection of safe and quiet roads, scenic beauty, high quality accommodations, and cultural attractions. We offer three levels of trips - RELAXED with a leisurely pace over flat to gentle hills with a daily cycling distance of 30 to 55 kilometers (19 to 34 miles), MODERATE with a moderate pace over flat to rolling terrain and a daily average of 40 to 80 kilometers (25 to 50 miles), and CHALLENGING for experienced cyclists with a daily average of 80 to 100 kilometers (50 to 63 miles) covering hilly terrain with passes and climbs. We carefully consider how much effort it takes to gain elevation in designing rides. Moreover, a support van is around you to give you a lift just in case you have had enough. After all, these roads are exactly what enable you to enjoy beautiful scenery and rewarding rides!

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Our accommodations are either ryokans (Japanese inns) or western-style hotels - a range of best accommodations in the areas visited. They are chosen not only for their comfort and quality of services, but also for their authenticity and regional characters. All of them have private baths and toilets in guest rooms (unless otherwise specified in each itinerary). In a ryokan you can experience the elements of Japanese culture and customs: living in a room with tatami (straw mat) flooring, changing into a yukata (robe) after taking an onsen hot-spring bath, sleeping on a futon (bedding) put down directly on the tatami floor. Our trip prices are per person based on a double occupancy basis. A limited number of single-occupancy rooms are available for an additional charge on most tours. If you are a single traveler, please inquire for room availability and a single supplemental charge.

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Most of your breakfasts and dinners are included in the trip – check out the itinerary on each trip to find out which meals are included. Eating in Japan is an experience to be enjoyed. Many of our guests have already been familiar with Japanese cuisine. But most of them are surprised with the variety of Japanese food, once they are on our trips. We strive to supply the best meals in each place that we visit – local dishes using freshly caught fish or wild mountain vegetables and mushrooms. Most lunches and dinners are Japanese. For breakfasts each guest has a choice of Japanese or western, whenever such a choice is available.

We will ask you for information about your food preferences before the trip. If you have any special dietary requirements, please check with us whether we can meet them or not before reserving a trip.

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Many of our ryokans have onsens (natural hot spring baths). They are large communal baths separated by sex. Japanese love onsen – for centuries it has been the most pleasant way to relax and recover from the rigors of their lives. Soaking in an onsen is the best way to invigorate yourselves after a long day on a saddle.

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Cultures/extra-curricular events

Cultural immersion is one of the key aspects of our tours. We strive to create opportunities for our guests to experience and enjoy the Japanese culture, history, and people’s way of lives. Our tours are designed to include cultural or 'extra-curricular' activities such as visits to temples and shrines, Japanese drumming lessons, sake tasting at a local brewery, pottery lessons, lacquerware painting, etc.

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Group Size

Because we want to make sure that we provide personalized services to each one of our guests and keep a friendly atmosphere during the trip, we would like to keep the group size small – normally around eight and up to twelve guests.
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Trip Leaders/Guides

On all of our trips, you will be accompanied by our tour leader (plus a guide for a group of more than eight guests.) Our tour leaders are bilingual Japanese nationals who have qualified as licensed guides under the Guide-Interpreter Business Law in Japan. They have vast knowledge of Japan and are well trained to introduce you to various aspects of Japan - its history, culture, places of interest, people's daily lives - in correct and interesting manners. All of them are friendly and love cycling in Japan. They are trained in first aid, and are committed to providing our guests with the best services and fun experience.

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Support Van

Support vehicles are used on all of our trips. The van carries your baggage, water, snacks, bike repair kit, and first aid. It also gives you a lift if you want to stop cycling at any point during the ride.
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