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We offer deluxe cycling trips in Japan mainly for non-Japanese guests visiting or living in Japan. Traveling by bicycle is an ideal way to explore Japan and enjoy its beautiful nature, delicious foods, natural hot spring baths and cultural heritages. If you are looking for a genuine and unforgettable vacation experience, you will most likely find it with us.

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Quiet roads winding through farm villages and terraced rice paddies, spectacular ocean views with seasonal flowers adding colors, freshest seafood and farm produces – how far do we have to travel away from Tokyo for a bike trip to enjoy them? Surprisingly, the place is only one and a half-hour bus ride away from Tokyo station. Boso Peninsula which comprises southern half of Tokyo’s neighboring prefecture of Chiba is a relatively unknown destination that is full of gems for cyclists. On this trip, we spend two days riding along beautiful coasts and rustic farmlands in the southern Boso Peninsula. Terrain is mostly flat or gently undulating, and is suitable for guests who enjoy relaxed rides. This tour is ideal if you are looking for a short getaway from Tokyo to immerse yourself in the Japanese countryside with stunning natural and rural sceneries and excellent local food.

*Accommodations used for this trip have shared bathrooms only.

Trip Highlights

  • Rare opportunity to see the Hiwatari (walking over fire ceremony), special annual event held at the Myooin Buddhist temple on May 28th.
  • Stunning rides through farm lands and along the Pacific Ocean
  • Stay at a secluded villa on a quiet hill on the first night. On a clear night, relax on its wide-open terrace and watch the sky filled with stars.
  • On the second night, stay at a family-run Japanese-style inn in a fishing village which serves excellent meals featuring freshest seafood.
  • Savor delicious natural and organic country-style lunch at a 300-year-old farm house.

Minimum number of guests required for guaranteed departure: 4
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Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arrival in Minami-Boso
    We meet at the Highway Oasis Furari bus stop at around 6pm. It is a one and a half-hour journey from Tokyo train station by bus costing 2300yen per person (bus fare not included in the tour price). Our representative will meet you there and take you to our inn. (Meals: Dinner included)
  • Day 2 : Chikura (Ride distance: 44km, including an optional 7km ride)
    After breakfast, you can take part in an optional loop ride to the beautiful Oyama Senmaida which are selected as one of the “100 beautiful terraced rice paddies in Japan. By mid-morning we start from our inn on quiet roads through farm villages and valleys. We stop by a 300-year old farm house for lunch. We eventually ride towards the Pacific Ocean onto a cycle path by the water. You can pedal feeling sea breeze and enjoy the sweeping ocean views. Tonight we stay at a minshuku (traditional Japanese-style guest house) in Chikura, a quaint fishing port town in the southern Boso Peninsula. We feast on freshest seafood in the evening. (Meals: 3 meals included)
  • Day 3 : Minami-Boso (45km)
    We continue riding our way along the coast line on the “Flower Line” with flower farms and parks are located along the road. Once we reach the southern tip of the peninsula near the Nojima-zaki Lighthouse, we say goodbye to the ocean for now and head inland towards north. We pedal through farmlands on gently undulating hills, and stop by a charming Buddhist temple nestled on a quiet hill where we have a rare chance to see the Hiwatari (walking over fire) ceremony. Hiwatari is one of the hard training practices performed by Yamabushi monks. Procession of brave monks walk barefoot across flaming hot embers, calling on the powers of deities associated with fire,such as Fudo, to bring beneficial and purifying powers to ordinary people. Then we head back to our villa for the first night and finish the ride there. After showering and changing clothes, you will be accompanied by our representative to the Highway Oasis Furari where you can catch a bus for Tokyo (bus fare of 2300yen not included in the tour price). (Meals: Breakfast and lunch included)
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What's included

  • Two-nights' lodgings on a double- or triple-occupancy basis
  • Meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners)
  • Guides support
  • Rental bikes
  • Baggage transfer between first- and second-night inns
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May 26-28, 2017 JPY40,000 (special offer)

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