Do I need to be able to speak Japanese to join your tour?
No. All of our tours are guided in English language by bilingual guides.

Do you offer mountain biking trips?
At this point in time, we only offer road biking trips. Our routes are mostly on covered surfaces, but may encompass some uncovered surfaces.

None of the tour dates offered on your website is suitable for my travel plan. Is there any possibility to customize the trip with regard to dates or total number of days?
Yes, if you are a group of four guests or more, we can customize a tour tailored to your preferred dates, total number of days and biking levels. Please let us know your needs/requirements and we will arrange a tour for you.

Can I really cancel my reservation only 21 days prior to the tour start date without any penalty fee?
Yes, our cancellation terms are as specified in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of our website. As a matter of fact, our terms and conditions are based on the Standard Terms and Conditions of Travel Contracts set by the Japanese government which all travel companies in Japan are required to abide by.