Japan offers a myriad of fantastic attractions for tourists: historical and cultural treasures, diverse landscape and vivid nature, great food and hot springs, and heart-warming hospitality of its people. Traveling by bicycle is an ideal way to explore Japan.  Roads are generally maintained in excellent conditions throughout the country. Countryside has quiet and relaxing rides with surprisingly low traffic. Followings are some key features of our tours:

Small group size  

Because we want to make sure that we provide personalized services to each one of our guests and keep a friendly atmosphere during the trip, we keep the group size small – normally around 6 to 12 guests.

Guided in English 

All tours are conducted in English by our tour leader(s). Our leaders are bilingual Japanese nationals who have passed rigorous examinations and qualified as licensed guides under the Interpreter-Guide Law in Japan.

Van support

All scheduled tours are fully supported by a van which transfers your luggage and provides water, snacks and mechanical support.

We take you to the countryside 

Tours are designed for guests who want to go deep into Japan’s countryside. Rides are carefully planned following safe routes with little traffic and most beautiful sceneries.

Carefully selected accommodations 

which offer guests comfort, personal touch and authentic experience.

Delicious foods  

We consider food is an essential part of your trip in Japan, and strive to include opportunities for our guests to try a variety of delicious local foods.