What Guests Say

Shikoku/Shimanami Highway/Hiroshima

” It was really good to catch up again… We enjoyed the ride… A very nice part of Japan.”   Di and Brendan, Sydney, Australia

“Thank you very much for the time and trouble that you have spent over the past two weeks in showing us your beautiful country. You have been very kind in your attention of our every need and it has made for a magical and wonderful experience that has exceeded all our expectations, we shall treasure the memories of your country and people that we are taking back to share with our friends..”   Maria and Tony, Stratford upon avon, UK

Nara/Lake Biwa/Kyoto

“We all had a fantastic cycling experience with you in Japan and were so impressed with the thoughtful, balanced itinerary showcasing traditional and modern Japan. Your organization and planning was extremely streamlined, the bikes in perfect condition and we appreciated all the snacks to fuel us along the way. All of our meals were delicious even if we struggled to sit on the floor at times! Thank you very much for your kindness and expertise and knowledge, you gave us a fantastic insight and experience in your beautiful country.”    Tassie P, Melbourne Australia

Hokkaido Shiretoko

“I wish to thank you for brotherly care and support accorded to me and my friends while with you from 9 to 16 July 2014. Countless great moments we share and enjoyed together. Now, back to work and do not know when my next bike trip will be, if it is Japan again, it will definitely be Akira Oka.”    Koh HC, Singapore

“Thank you for an amazing trip! We all had a great time and feel quite pleased that we managed it without any mishaps! You were a fabulous guide and really great company!”   Kathy H, England


“We are writing to thank you for the wonderful time that we had on your cycling tours. Our expectations of the trip were very much exceeded. Although we had been to Japan many times before we had never experienced ‘Japanese culture’ as we did on this visit. Your attention to detail and your selection of routes, accommodation and food made the holiday special.”    Bob and Celia, Bedford, UK

“Just a note to thank you for a very special Japanese experience! I fell in love with your country and the grace and delicacy of the people. You not only gave us a terrifically guided bike tour but an amazing cultural experience (I am missing my “baths”) Japan now has a special place in my heart and you and Takashi are the reason why. With thanks,”   Jean, Ontario Canada

“Dear Akira, Diane and I want to thank you for such a magnificent trip. We enjoyed it all, even the hills.. We really liked learning about Japanese culture plus being part of the Japanese way of life… The jokes and all the laughs were a bonus.”   Brendan, Sydney, Australia

“We’ve had a wonderful cycling holiday in Japan thanks to you. Your planning, depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness to our every need has been outstanding. Our very best wishes for future successes for Oka Tours. Arigatou and cheers.”    Wendy and Bob, Ontario Canada

“We loved our trip with you and look forward to seeing you again soon.”    Bradley S, Seattle, USA

“This trip was perfect in everyway starting with Junko’s meet and greet at the airport. She was charming. We loved our night at the Kayabukiyane and the ryokan on the peninsula. All the roads with no traffic – what a treat….We hope to be with you on a future trip and we will tell all our biking friends about Oka Tours.”    Mike and Vickie, Salt Lake City, USA

“In October and November 2010, my partner and I participated in an Oka Tours nine day cycle tour starting in Noto, Ishikawa prefecture in central Honshū, and finishing in Kyoto, one of the jewels of Japan. From start the finish, the experience was a delight. We looked for a Japanese company, as we wanted to have an authentic Japanese experience and learn about Japanese culture from a Japanese perspective. Akira was very knowledgeable about the area we were travelling through, and was able to explain many of the nuances of tradition and culture. Also, the daily riding was carefully planned to allow us time to stop and look at various interesting places, from temples to markets to stunning coastline.

Akira had thought of everything to make us comfortable on our journey, from the perfectly configured bicycles, attentive checking to ensure we were on the correct roads to the wonderful accommodation in traditional family run small hotels or Ryokans. We were very pleased and surprised by the very high standard of the food, the hot baths in most places and the feeling of luxury at every new destination. For those considering experiencing the beauty Japan has to offer, this cycle tour comes highly recommended. We will certainly be back for another Japanese adventure in years to come.”    Jane Weston and Lan Wang, Melbourne, Australia

Sado Island

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the one-week Sado Island Bike Tour. It exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Akira and Takashi were extremely professional, solicitous and knowledgeable. The bicycle equipment was excellent and the daily routes were exactly as described. The ryokans we stayed in were truly delightful. We felt as though we had gone back in time to a quiet, peaceful and incredibly beautiful part of Japan. The food was delicious: We had world-class sushi at each location (most of our stays were in fishing villages). Akira and Takashi took us to places most tourists never get to see or experience. I have been on  other bike trips (Thailand, New Zealand) and as good as they were, this trip was superior. An excellent value for the price of the trip, and a memorable and well-organized experience.”    Daniel R, New York, USA

“We had a wonderful magical trip and you were a wonderful host! All our best,”    Dan and Joey, San Francisco, USA

“Thank you. You made the trip great fun, despite the hills. We will be sure to recommend you/your company to our friends if they are looking for such an adventure. We will also look for your Tokyo tour when you start that….”    Tracey P, Tokyo

“I agree with Tracey, it was a great trip. Thanks for all the care and attention.
Look forward to the tokyo trips…”    Letina C, Tokyo

“We like traveling, discovering new places away from the “main touristic routes”, having contacts with local people, discussing different ways of live, eating exotic food, visiting nice spots, looking beautiful scenery, sleeping in special hotels / inns AND we like bike-riding. What could be the best way to do this? Of course, a bike tour in a foreign country!

We found one in Japan on the dates of our spring vacation, which we enjoyed very much, because we found all we looked for. Even the cold and rainy weather could not have a negative influence; we even more appreciated the Onsens and beautiful Ryokans. Akira, you are a great organizer, a competent guide and always ready to support your guests wherever you can. Thank you so much for this unforgettable trip!”    Elisabeth & Hans Peter H., Neuchâtel, Switzerland

“For our 3rd trip to Japan we cycled on Sado Island with Akira and Oka Tours. This was a fantastic way to see the Japanese people, scenery and culture without feeling like a tourist. The open air and pace allowed everyone to enjoy all that was on offer – an amzing experience was had by all. Thanks once again for such a first class cycling tour.”    Greg & Julia M., Busselton, Western Australia

“Oka Tours revealed a side of Japan we otherwise would never have experienced. From the delights of the rural countryside to the splendour of the autumn foliage, we discovered hidden shrines, dramatic sunsets and a people more hospitable than any other. We have been on many cycling tours, but this was much more – it was a cultural experience, a culinary extravaganza and a way to uncover a hidden Japan unbridled. Akira, the owner and guide, went to the ends of the earth to make this trip magical. This is an experience you will not want to miss.”    Charles & Wilma, London, UK

“My family of 4 (including two teenagers, ages 15 and 19), completed a highly successful biking holiday with Oka Tours. Our goal was to use biking as a vehicle by which we could make connections with the Japanese people and culture. Akira, as a native guide, was skilled and articulate in helping us to understand and appreciate aspects of his country and culture. Experiences such as a Kodo drumming lesson, fabulous Japanese meals and accommodation in traditional Japanese inns (or ryokans) were just a few of the highlights. Biking through the Aizu countryside and the Sado Island coastlines gave us an appreciation of the natural beauty of Japan.

As a small private group, there was flexibility to customize the itinerary and to incorporate spontaneous outings on days when the biking was shortened due to the weather, or because we felt like going to the beach or seeing a bunya play. Akira was most patient and attentive to our numerous email enquiries at the planning stage and to the endless questions throughout the trip. Fluently bilingual, Akira’s schooling and work experiences in the United States and UK have helped him relate to North American perspectives. In the end we gained a new friend whom we would gladly welcome in our home.

Taking a family holiday with teenagers can be a challenge, but our biking tour was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Kudos to Akira!”    Linda H., Calgary, AB, Canada

“The tour to Sado Island was an amazing trip. I discovered that touring an area by bicycle allows you to see, feel and smell your surroundings so much better than by simply sitting in a car. Although the uphill climbs are tough, at least you khow there’s a downhill slope waiting once you reach the top! And the flat sections by the coastline are perfect for cruising – slowly at your own pace, with photo stops along the way. We stayed in a beautiful traditional inn, feasted on fresh seafood specialties and even saw a local firefly festival! I would highly recommend this type of tour to anyone with a sense of adventure, looking for a different way to discover the countryside of Japan.”    Belinda L., Saitama, Japan

“Oka Tours shows you a hidden Japan that you can only best experience with a Japanese tour leader…and a bike! Special kudos to Akira Oka, the owner and leader of Oka Tours. His attention to detail and personalized services, made our trip one of the best bike trips we’ve ever taken!”    David S., Seattle, WA


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us on our dream trip of a lifetime – challenging cycling routes with breathtaking scenery, traditional ryokan with superb onsen, and the most delicious food that we have never tasted before! Your generosity, flexibility and hospitality are appreciated so very much! Domo Arigato!”    Sonya and Dereck, Alberta, Canada.

“First, and last, thank you for everything. You were amazing and so was my journey through Nikko and Aizu…. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime! You…helped me to navigate and understand so much more of the Japanese culture and terrain than I would have ever dreamed possible. What a rich and rewarding experience! I learned about onsen (thank goodness!) and bathing, I learned about wearing yukatas and about sleeping on futons. I learned which shoes to wear in which places and I learned about the delicious Japanese food. Above all, I learned about the fabulous and ubiquitous Japanese hospitality. The grace, kindness, and generosity I encountered everywhere we went was such a delight.”    Kris K., Greenville, NC, USA

“Oka Tours has spent a lot of time not only finding great bike routes, but also figuring out how best to introduce westerners to the Japanese culture. The food and accommodations were uniformly outstanding.”    David S., Seattle, WA, USA

“I have taken many cycling trips, but I had never even considered going to Japan. This was one of the best trips I have taken! The rides were beautiful. The accommodations and food were outstanding. Akira was an attentive and gracious guide. Most of all it was not just a cycling trip. It was an opportunity to see and experience things that I could never have experienced on my own.”    Michael F., Seattle, WA, USA

Mt. Fuji Foothills & Izu Peninsula

“Akira Oka is an attentive and thoughtful tour leader. He is well organised and did everything possible to make my ride successful, while also providing opportunities to experience the culture and history of the area. The Mt Fuji and Izu peninsula ride was a wonderful way to experience both rural and coastal scenery. The roads had very little traffic for much of the ride which meant I could relax and enjoy the lakes, forests, villages, and rugged coastline that I passed through along the way. It was a rewarding journey that I would highly recommend.”    Janelle B, Melbourne, Australia

“The Izu Challenging Tour lives up to its name – idyllic mountain scenery, breathtaking coastal views, quaint villages along with well-paved roads having a variety of climbs & downhills. Personal service by Akira Oka cannot be better! If you ever have the opportunity to do a tour in Japan – this is it! Thanks again for a great tour.”    Dennis W.M., Ritzville, WA