Oka Tours is a registered travel agency with Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Office (registration number: 2-5714), and is in compliance with the Travel Agency Act in Japan. As a Security Member of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association, Oka Tours has deposited its due portion of the Compensation Security Bonds to meet the requirements of the Travel Agency Act in Japan. This Bond provides security for money paid over by customers in the event of Oka Tours’ insolvency.

The following information is displayed in order to comply with the Specified Commercial Transaction Law in Japan, which regulates on-line commercial transactions for consumer protection. The law applies to purchasers residing in Japan only.

Vendor’s Name: Oka Tours Co., Ltd.
Name of the Representative: Akira Oka
Address: 2-24-5 Kichijojihigashi-cho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0002, Japan
Tel: 0422-26-6644
Fax: 0422-26-6645
Payment Method: Advance payment by credit card.
Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please refer to Terms and Conditions.
Any money that the purchaser has to pay in addition to the price of the trip: None for the items that are described as included in the trip price. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.

運営責任者:岡 朗
所在地:〒180-0002 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺東町2-24-5
商品代金以外の必要料金:旅行代金に含まれると記載されている項目についてはなし。旅行代金に含まれる項目の詳細については旅行条件 をご参照ください。