Our Guides

We look forward to opportunities of welcoming you to Japan and showing you around on bicycle 


Akira is the founder and also one of the guides who lead our tours. A native ‘Tokyoite’ educated in Japan and the US, he lived a total of 9 years in the US and UK. His cycling career began at the age of 14 when he assembled his first touring bike. After spending many years as a ‘salaryman’, he founded Oka Tours in 2006 and has since run bicycle trips for guests visiting Japan. Akira is a licensed interpreter guide and a certified travel service supervisor.


Hide used to race for a Jitsugyodan (corporate team) at the top-tier BR-1 level. After that, he spent a few years in Samoa as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer working on an UNEP project. Then he set out on a journey around the world by bicycle. Now back in Japan, Hide is keen to show his home country to guests from overseas on bicycle. Hide is a licensed interpreter guide.


A former captain flying Jumbo jets around the globe countless times, Takashi now enjoys spending his time on the ground in Japan. He has been a passionate cyclist for decades, and now likes to ride his road bike and Brompton. He also enjoys playing the flute at his leisure.


Yuji is based in Hiroshima and runs Shimanami Cycling Tour. We work very closely with Yuji and Shimanami Cycling Tour. His fascination with cycling began when he rode in Europe at the age of 16. He traveled as a backpacker in 50+ countries and also biked all over Japan. He enjoys visiting Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and is well-versed with Japanese religion and rituals. Yuji is a licensed interpreter guide.